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Easy Moving And Packing Tips

How can I begin packing for a relocation early without interrupting my life?

Move Management

If you have a solid handle on the various tasks you’ll have to handle throughout your relocation, from forwarding mail to selling or giving items you won’t be taking with you, you might want to start packing as soon as possible. This process is both critical for a successful migration and might take a long time to complete. Of course, you must also consider what you can readily pack ahead of time and what you absolutely must have boxed up until you arrive in your new house.

Let’s take a look at how early you should start packing for your relocation, as well as some tips for packing ahead of time without sacrificing your style or your daily life.

A plan for packing early allows you to get a jump start on your move.

Begin with the Simple Stuff

There are some things you simply don’t need access to on an around-the-clock basis. This is dependent on the time of year, where you live, and where you’re relocating to, so you’ll need to plan ahead of time. Some good locations to start are:

Starting with these items will help you to get a head start on packing without upsetting anything vital, making the remainder of the packing process much easier.

Keep in mind that towels, blankets, pillows, and certain casual clothes can all be utilized to carry fragile items like as glasses, mirrors, antiques, and similar items. You might wish to place these items in boxes but not close them up, then pick from them as needed while packing fragile stuff.

Planning when to pack the things you need

As with many packing problems, a lot of the answers are dependent on your specific requirements. After you’ve put away the less often used goods and have moved closer to your moving date, you may start thinking about what else to put away in the final weeks and days of your soon-to-be-old home.

Clothes are a good place to start. Could you pack the majority of your formal clothing but leave a couple outfits to go to work in the week or two before your move? Can you do a couple loads of washing before the big day and simply re-wear some of your more casual clothes?

Non-perishable goods are another area in which you can get a head start. You might want to carry specific items, such as valuable or rare herbs and spices, with you throughout the relocation. In other circumstances, you might want to give low-cost, easily accessible shelf-stable items through the J.W. Cole & Sons service. All you have to do is make sure your local Atlas agent is on board, let them know you’ll be donating, and set aside any unopened, non-perishable food. The rest will be handled by your agency!

Leaving the packing to the Pros

There’s one alternative that lets you not worry about packing while also ensuring it’s done quickly and reliably: Calling in the professional packers at J.W. Cole & Sons. Use our packing services and you won’t have to worry about when to pack away each room, closet or individual item – just get in touch with us today!

Call J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida at 239-694-3400 today and set an appointment with us before you start your move!