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Frequently Asked Moving Questions and Answers

It’s only normal to have questions when moving to a new place®. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please let us know. We’re here to help.

Establish where you’re moving, when you’re moving and the items to be moved. Start with a free moving quote from J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc.

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc. proudly offers more than 430 Atlas Agents that specialize in long-distance moves covering every corner of the USA. Our Atlas Agents provide quick and accurate moving quotes. Atlas is granted complete operating authority by the U.S. and Canadian governments to operate in all states and provinces. Learn more here.

Your local Atlas Agent helps with local moves within your community, county, or state. Contact J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc. at 239-694-3400 for local moves.

By law, Atlas is prohibited from moving certain items including household cleaning chemicals, fireworks, and guns.

J.W Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. recommends our packing services as part of a full-service move. Our packers are trained in the most efficient techniques and use professional-grade materials.

J.W Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. uses professional-grade packing materials to prepare belongings for transport. We also offer materials at competitive prices if you prefer to do your own packing. Click here for more information.

We want to ensure every member of your family experiences a successful move. While J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. is not authorized to transport live animals, Agents can recommend providers who specialize in this service. 

Empty, clean, dry, and unplug large appliances like washing machines before moving them. Secure moving elements such as doors or knobs with tape to prevent motion in transit. 

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. takes great care to prevent loss or damage to goods. However, should something unforeseen happen, we recommend Full Value Protection which provides coverage to repair or replace anything that may be lost, damaged, or destroyed while in our care. 

All shipments are automatically afforded a minimal protection, valued at 60 cents per pound. However, J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. recommends Full Value Protection (FVP), which ensures repair or replacement in the event an item is lost or damaged. 

If an item is lost, damaged, or destroyed in the move, you can file a claim. J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. will offer a settlement to compensate for loss or damage as long as the claim is submitted within nine months from the day of shipment delivery. 

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. agents collect payment before loading or unloading. J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. accepts cash, credit card, or check.

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. determines the cost of your move based on its weight and the distance it will travel. Our online instant quote approximates a price for all moving costs. For a precise estimate, a J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. Agent will walk through your home, noting everything to be transported. 

When moving with J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc., choose between a binding or non-binding estimate. A non-binding estimate provides an approximate estimate of moving costs, so the final amount may vary. A binding estimate guarantees you won’t be charged more than the initial estimate. 

Unfortunately, the moving industry has its share of unethical operators. For your reassurance, every J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. Agent belongs to the American Trucking Associations’ Moving and Storage Conference. This industry designation attests to ethical and responsible business conduct.

The time it takes to move depends on several factors, such as the size of your move, where you are moving, and the time of year. Talk to your J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. Agent about timing requirements. We strive to meet your expectations.

Data shows that most people move during the summer with winter months being the slowest. No matter the season, moving on a weekday and booking early in the season can help you anticipate weather patterns, real estate demands, and mover availability.

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. routinely moves cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles, and other large or special items across the country.

Storage goes hand-in-hand with moving. J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. offers secure storage in warehouses from coast to coast, for as long as you may need.

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. recommends taking small, high-value items and things with personal or sentimental value with you when you move.

J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. customers have access to our online tracking system. Simply enter your shipment number to see updates at any time. Or use the Atlas® Customer Portal, a free online application where you can build your profile, track your shipment, make a payment, and access moving documents.

For more information, call J.W. Cole & Sons of Florida Inc. at 239-694-3400 or connect with us online today.