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How To Pack Holiday Ornaments

big part of the holiday fun is putting up the decorations. It has become a tradition for most families, a bonding experience awakening the holiday spirit and signaling the start of the festivities. But then the holiday comes and goes, the fun ends. And in comes the not so fun part, aside from having to lose the few extra pounds gained over the holidays — the taking down and putting away of the decorations and ornaments.

Here Are Some Essential Things To Remember To Make The Experience More Bearable:

1. Decide Which Ones You Can Reuse For Next Year And Which Ones To Get Rid Of.

Deciding to let go of holiday ornaments can be extremely difficult and even painful for some, mostly because of all the memories of fun holidays spent with family over the years. But Christmas lights get busted, or the wire shorted becoming unsafe for reuse, ceramics get chipped, or exterior fade, some you outgrow or for some reason do not rekindle the holiday spirit in you like it used to. Whatever the reason is, those that do not cut can be donated if still functional, others can be repurposed, then the rest is thrown away.

2. Store Them In A Place Safe From Breakage, Water Or Moisture Damage, From Being Ruined By Pests, And From Fire Hazards.

Store the ornaments in containers appropriate for their size and vulnerability to damage. Put fragile decors like ceramics and figurines in compact boxes with bubble wraps or other cushioning materials to reduce the risk of breaking. Christmas lights can be wrapped around a flat piece of cardboard or a cylindrical tube to prevent tangling, wrapped in cloth or tissue, then put in a box or plastic bag. The key is to pack to reopen them next year without being disappointed or surprised in a not so good way. Then find a place for them that is safe from water damage like floods or pipe leaks or pests like rats, but before that.

3. Label The Ones You Decide To Put Away For Next Year.

Label each box and container clearly and then store them in such a way that these labels are readily visible or in the line of sight. If space allows it, stack them such that each box or container is accessible. Also, make a list of what goes where, meaning decors for what holiday went to what room or part of the house, so you don’t lose much time going through a lot of Christmas stuff when what you need is something for Halloween.

One added benefit from organizing your decors properly is that if you must make room and decide to put these decors in storage somewhere, they are ready to be carried away. Say if the family is getting bigger, but you are not quite ready to let go of the family heirloom, you can rent a storage space for them to make room for the new baby. Another benefit is if your family is moving to a new house, the decors are ready for transport. Being surrounded by familiar things, especially ones that remind you and your family of all the good times spent together, could help ease the anxiety of relocating and makes your new house feel like home. For either case, one company that can help you is J. W. Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc., a relocation company Fort Myers Florida. Among the services they provide are moving services in Fort Myers Flwarehousing storage facility Fort Myers Fl, including overseas moving and relocation services Fort Myers. They can be reached at contact numbers 239-694-3400 or through their website

Packing away holiday ornaments can be tedious and time-consuming but has to be done nonetheless. Thankfully moving or putting them in a rented storage place can be as easy as a phone call or browsing through the internet, thanks to J. W. Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc.