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Moving Budget Tips: Before, During and After

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Tips for Saving Money Before the Move

Tip 1: Collect Utility Deposits

If bills were paid on time, request deposits from the gas, electric and water companies.

Tip 2: Use Coupons

Take advantage of coupons. Utilize applications and savings programs.

Tip 3: Downsize

Sell or give away unneeded items, furniture and clothing.

Tip 4: Gather Records

Secure medical, dental, school and veterinary files before the big move. Compile the certificates from children’s karate classes, dance classes, swimming, etc.

Tip 5: Have a Moving Sale

Turn some old items into cash. Also use the internet to sell items.

Tip 6: Keep Donation Receipts

Ask for receipts when donating to charity – they can be used when claiming tax deductions.

Tip 7: Consign Furnishings

Selling furnishings on consignment may bring more money than a moving sale. Visit one or more consignment shops to find a good fit. Only consign items that are in good condition and ask:

Tip 8: Appraise Items

Jewelry stores offer free appraisals. For antiques, inherited items, rugs and other furnishings, search online for appraisers. Don’t be too hasty to get rid of old tins, books, odd pieces of china, etc. They could be worth some money.

Tips for Saving Money During the Move

Tip 1: Find a Free Pet Sitter

Having pets around while packing can be stressful. Ask a friend or family member to pet sit while you do the heavy lifting.

Tip 2: Use a Map

Utilize Google Maps to navigate your new community. If you prefer traditional folded road maps, you can likely get one for free from a local real estate agent or tourism bureau. 

Tip 3: Discover Free Area Attractions

Check the local chamber of commerce, convention and visitor’s bureau, and historical societies for free printed materials about what to see and do in your new community. You can also learn about area attractions via their websites.

Tip 4: Request a Newcomer Kit

Request a newcomer kit from the bank. It will likely offer free products, services, coupons and discounts to welcome you.

Tip 5: Network

Moving because your spouse is taking a new job? Get busy now to find work in your new locale. If your spouse’s company offers assistance, take advantage of it. To get a feel for the local job market, subscribe to the daily newspaper and find classified employment listings online. Look for jobs on IndeedCareerBuilder and Monster.

Start networking locally through professional associations in your new community and reach out to connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Temporary work can provide income and give you valuable exposure to people. It may even lead to a permanent position. The temporary work force is not limited to clerical and industrial positions.

Tip 6: Review Insurance Policies

Ask your insurance company to quote coverage for your new home – but don’t stop there. The internet makes it easy to shop around. Beware of overlapping coverage, compare homeowner’s and automobile policies and evaluate any umbrella policies you may have. Don’t pay for unneeded coverage.

Tip 7: Collect Security Deposits

A security deposit refund may be owed. Keep the name, telephone, and address of the apartment owner or manager. Follow up if you have not received the deposit within 30 days after vacating.

Tips for Saving Money After the Move

Tip 1: Check Out Local Listings & Reviews

Check out Angie’s List and Yelp for honest consumer reviews about local restaurants, lawn services, heating and cooling companies, doctors, and more. Visit Twitter and follow local users who tweet about happenings in the community to get instant updates on sales, store closings, and free events. Check out local news providers for free electronic alerts on weather and breaking news.

Tip 2: Don't Toss Junk Mail

Don’t be too quick to toss out what looks like junk mail – it could be valuable offers for free or discounted products and services. 

Tip 3: Find Newcomer Activities

Check online for information regarding newcomer activities in the area. Many media outlets publish searchable community calendars on their websites. Use FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn to connect with others who share similar interests. is good place to find events and groups of interest near you.

Tip 4: Visit a Local Library

Visit the local library and sign up for a library card. It might allow you to borrow framed art, check out a book on local history or discover places of interest in your new community. 

Your library can provide entertainment too. Between book clubs, DVDs, and community gatherings, there’s no limit to what you can discover.

Tip 5: Unpack the Kitchen Don't be tempted to leave kit

Don’t be tempted to leave kitchen appliances and dishes packed to justify ordering pizza and eating out. Eating meals outside the home adds up fast, so try to cook at home.

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