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How to Pack Clothing, Bedding, and Linens

Helpful Tips for Packing Clothing, Bedding, and Other Household Linens for Moving

Did you know that damp, mildew, and insects may destroy natural bedding and linens? Do not make the mistake of presuming that your soft items cannot be harmed during your move since they are not breakable or “fragile.” Incorporating a little additional preparation time while packing your soft items can not only save you time in the long run, but it might also save you space which could turn into monetary savings!

When you begin to pack your linens and other soft items, make sure you have the following packing tools on hand:

Packing Clothes for a Move

Before you begin packing up your whole wardrobe, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity moving provides to reduce your wardrobe. Why not sell or give the items you no longer wear to make room in your new residence?

Once you’ve determined what you’ll be bringing, apply the following moving tips to pack your clothing:

First, pack non-seasonal stuff

If you are moving during the warmer months, pack your cold-weather things first. You should always pack your current rotation of clothes last for convenience.

Fold properly

Folding correctly is essential for maximizing storage space, and no one understands folding better than Marie Kondo, who shares a video demonstrating the most space-efficient methods to fold different sorts of clothes.

Select the proper container, then label it

We’ve all seen individuals pack clothing in trash bags or other plastic bags, but these bags are not particularly robust and may rip or tear, leaving your apparel vulnerable to harm or loss. For packing clothing, it is preferable to use cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or even your baggage. With wardrobe boxes, your delicate or formal garments may stay on their hangers or garment bags for further protection. Use a marker to indicate the destination room and the contents of each box as you pack. This will make it much easy to locate your work pants or comfortable socks.

Review your progress

Despite the fact that most articles of clothing are light on their own, the weight may build up. As you pack your clothes into boxes, push down periodically to eliminate air pockets and optimize space, while constantly monitoring the weight of your boxes to avoid overloading them.

Utilize them as packing supplies

When packaging delicate things such as plates and glasses, casual clothes such as T-shirts and pajamas may be utilized as a cost-effective and ecologically friendly alternative to traditional packing materials such as bubble wrap.

Assemble a moving day kit

After a hard day of moving, the last thing you want to do is seek for clean clothing. Include a change of clothing, a bath towel, and possibly even bed sheets in one box or duffel bag for a clean and pleasant first night in your new home.

Packing Beddings and Linens for a Move

Pack Bedding and Linens Last

Bedding and linens should not be packed until the end of the move for a number of reasons.

  1. You will need to continue using several of items until moving day, particularly your bedding.
  2. These goods make excellent packaging filler. Not-frequently-used bedding, towels, and pillows are ideal for cushioning delicate goods and filling empty areas in boxes to minimize movement.

Protect Linens With Plastic Bags

Before putting your linens in boxes, place them in plastic garbage bags to protect them from dirt and damp. You could transport them in garbage bags and remove the boxes, but the boxes provide additional protection. Because bags may be easily torn, putting your linens in both will provide the greatest level of protection.

To save space and preserve these belongings, you might also use space bags that remove all the air from the bags and linens, making them much simpler to pack.

Fold Them Carefully

As tempting as it may be to save time by dumping non-breakable linens into a box, you will be wasting valuable storage space. Instead, fold each item as flat as possible so that you may maximize space in each box and waste less as you go.

Reserve Some for the First Night

Remember to set aside clean sheets, pillows, and towels for the first night in your new home. Clearly mark the box to indicate that it should be kept away and make it simple to locate. After a long exhausting day of moving, it will be wonderful to climb into a bed with new, clean sheets.

Label and Inventory Everything

Be sure to identify and inventory every box, not just the one for the first night, so you know where to locate anything you may need. You never know when you may want more towels or sheets on the first night. Instead of rummaging through boxes to discover what you need, you will just need to check your list and locate the correct box.

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