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Tips for Moving to a New Apartment

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Tips for Moving to a New Apartment

College Apartments: If moving to a college or university, summer offers the best selection of available apartments. However, because school is out, summer is the most popular time for moving in general. Remember to schedule movers in advance.

City Apartments: In urban areas, the best time to move varies. People tend to stay put during the November and December holiday season, so fewer apartments may be available. On the other hand, there is a better chance of finding a deal.

Late April is generally an ideal time to move apartments. You can beat the busy summer season and the weather is typically mild.

Whether looking for basic living or upscale extras, it is wise to start looking early for the perfect apartment. Once you determine the neighborhood you’d like to live in, schedule viewings of several different apartments in the area and do some comparison shopping.

When walking through an apartment, bring the following items:

  • Tape measure (to see if furniture will fit)

  • Measurements of large furniture

  • Plug-in night light (to test all of the outlets)

  • Light bulb (to test light fixtures)

  • Flashlight (to examine unlit areas)

Knock on doors, introduce yourself, and ask these questions:

  • Are the neighbors friendly?

  • What do they think about the way the complex or building is managed?

  • What do they say about noise?

Once the apartment you want is determined, be ready to act. Have your checkbook, proof of income, references, and credit report on hand. When meeting with the manager, be punctual, neat, and friendly.

If you are disabled, you can find accessible apartments on popular websites, such as:, and Specify “disability access” or “handicap access” to locate accommodating options.

A rental lease is a legally binding, written agreement between you (lessee) and the landlord (lessor). It is usually a standard form. However, it may be amended by writing changes on the document; both you and the landlord must initial the changes to show you agree. Make sure to do the following before signing:

  • Read the rental lease carefully. It should describe the condition of each room in detail.

  • Note any damage or items in disrepair. Get the landlord to agree, in writing, to make repairs before you sign or pay a deposit.

  • Be aware of any extra fees involved, like pet rent, a parking fee, or a utility fee.

  • Clarify who pays for electric, gas, water, sewage, trash, lawn care, and pest control. 

If you don’t understand something in the lease, ask what it means. Never sign a lease with blanks to be filled in later and never settle for an oral agreement. If it isn’t in writing, there is no proof to support you in a dispute.

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Tips for Moving Out of an Old Apartment

If you rent month-to-month, notify your landlord in writing at least 30 days before your move. Leases usually include a clause regarding how much notice a landlord requires if you don’t intend on renewing. If your lease doesn’t specify, it might not be necessary, but it is a nice courtesy to provide at least 30 days of notice.

Moving out of an apartment can be expensive and getting a security deposit back helps the budget. A security deposit may equate to one month’s rent or more. As a rule, you should get a security deposit back within 30 days after you vacate. If you haven’t received your deposit back after 30 days, contact your landlord and confirm that they have your forwarding address and are aware that you’re owed a deposit.

A good relationship with your landlord works in your favor and may help you receive a timely security deposit return.

Landlords are not allowed to deduct for normal wear and tear, nor refuse to refund without a reason. Sometimes damage occurs when moving out. If a reputable mover is used, you won’t have to worry. Atlas Agents, for example, carry insurance in the unlikely event an apartment is damaged during the moving process.

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